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Principle Of UV Curing
- Aug 01, 2018 -

UV is the English abbreviation for Ultra-VioletRay. The UV wavelength for industrial use is 200nm to 450nm. The process of curing the UV-curable material with uv is called UVCuring. Process".

But choosing the right spectrum and curing time is especially important. The commonly used UV ultraviolet band is divided into UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV and other bands, among which the UVA band is more commonly used. Corresponding glue selection of the UV curing machine source of the corresponding band is an important process to improve the curing efficiency. In addition, if the curing efficiency needs to be improved, the source intensity, temperature, power, and irradiation time of the UV UV curing machine need to be considered. Choosing the right parameters is a prerequisite for curing.

The traditional oven-type glue curing solution has already faced challenges. The long curing time and low-precision curing make it difficult for many manufacturers to increase the added value of the product. The high temperature also challenges a considerable number of products. The high imitation characteristics also make the industry always 徘徊At the low end. There is an urgent need for a new curing solution, UV UV curing solution came into being.

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