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Curing Machine Type
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Different sizes of curing equipment are required for different sizes of cured items. There are hand-held styles, tabletop styles, hanging styles for industrial production, and large curing machines for large items. If you need to solidify small items such as electronic circuit boards, you can choose portable, desktop box type. If the curing application is printing, or wood surface coating, etc., a large high-power UV curing machine is required, because of the speed and curing area, and the machine power requirements, the ordinary small curing machine is not suitable. There is also a desktop conveyor belt UV curing device. Designed for high volume production or laboratory. The conveyor system has a quiet variable speed motor, and the speed adjustment drive keeps the speed of the conveyor belt uniform under different loads. The UV machine is equipped with a high-intensity light source. The light box system can be removed and fixed to other pipelines to increase the flexibility of the equipment. The height of the belt to the bulb can be adjusted for curing of different size components.